Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Music!

Here's some more songs I've been listening to while skating.

Another new Gorillaz song for those who enjoyed the last one ^

I fell going about 30-35 mph yesterday on my board :( which left a nasty scrape on my left knee and a bruised side this morning. Oh well these things happen. At least I have something to take my mind off of it..

Monday, March 7, 2011

Herb Grinders

Everyone that chiefs should eventually invest in a good grinder. But don't think that you have to spend $50 on a space case that your local headshop recommends! Think about it. How can a machined metal grinder cost more than 20 to make? I'm fairly certain that the mark-up on these more expensive grinders are very high.

Here's a couple of pictures of my grinder, which only set me back a dub.
Perfect size to grind about at most a gram. Fits perfectly in pockets and contains smell.
First of 4 stages: Break up some nugs and remove the stems (my shit never has seeds but idk about you). Put your herb in the teeth and put the top back on.
After grinding the herb for a little, it falls between the holes in between the the teeth. Grab that shit and smoke it! It's the perfect consistency for blunts, J's, and bowls of any kind.
After about a quarter I can always scrape up some kief for some bowls, but I prefer to save it up for awhile and then smoke BLUNTS WITH KIEF AAAAWWWWW YYYYEEEAAAA. Insta [10].

This grinder is perfect to take to parties, to smoke sesh's, and to longboarding sesh's. I can ration out how much weed I want to smoke in a day, then grind it up and easily be able to see how much I'm smoking. All of this for 20 DOLLARS!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Bustin Board

Introducing the Ibach!
Damn this thing looks awesome:

More info here:

This board is Bustin's attempt at a real downhill/freeride board. I haven't ridden one yet but it looks like it might have to be my next board.
The "new slide rail system" seems kind of worthless though. The idea is that your feet grip the rails better, thus making slides easier, but it seem like they did much more than groove out the rails and put grip tape on in there. The good thing is that it's a cheap deck! Who cares if the rails crap doesn't work when your paying so little? It's not like it will affect anything in a bad way, at least I think...

I might buy this down the line. Set it up with some paris 180's + some yellow o-tang stims. It would be a freeride MONSTER.
Bmasta Flex out.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Here's some songs I've been boarding to lately. Hope you like them!
That's it for now. Also I'd like to mention that I have thought about it and there actually was a pretty major downside to my bong. When first purchased it came with it's own special hisi bowl. It had like a honeycomb web inside where the hole would normally be. This made it super easy to hit! This bowl was awesome UNTIL the stupid honeycomb broke after like a week. So the only downside to this glass is that they come with shitty bowls.

Friday, March 4, 2011

HiSi Glass

Today I'm going to talk a little about my bong, which still doesn't have a name! Any ideas?
I've had it for a while now, so there's some resin buildup on the inside to annoy you ocd kids. Personally I don't like owning bongs with a ton of percs and other bullshit going on. Notice I said owning, not ripping one ;) haha. While I love hitting bongs like that, they're just too high maintenance with all those water chambers and such, plus multi-chamber bongs usually cost an arm and a leg for a quality piece. This bong is made by HiSi. The dude at the headshop told me that they also make scientific beakers and such for labs. I looked the brand up online but couldn't find any evidence of this though. W/e it still rips like a champ.

The glass is really thick, at least 7mm, probably 9. After I broke my last bong (horrible experience) I knew I needed a thick piece so it wouldn't happen again. Sooo I went to my local headshop and saw this monster. HiSi makes pieces that are much crazier than this, but like I said I like 'em like I like my women, uncomplicated and low-maintenance. I wound up paying 140, which is a little pricey imo for a bong with one chamber), but it is thick as hell. I plan on having this for a looong time.

It's glass on glass in case you didn't notice. The joint and base are also really thick and sturdy. Most cheaper bongs usually have thin bases and joints because of the way they are blown, but no HiSi's! The ice catchers (covered by my hand) are also really thick. This thing is so thick that it is seriously looks like a whole new atmosphere in the chamber when milking it. I'm sure if that will make sense to everyone but I can't think of  any other way to describe it. The downstown, which is defused of course, takes it from an 18mm to a 14mm. If I ever want to change to a bigger bowl all I have to do is buy a new downstem.

When ripping this you can barely feel the pull. It's so freakin smooth its rediculous. When I put ice in it, no one coughs because it delivers super smooth, fat rips! It actually hits so nice that it's dangerous. It allows for as big of hit as you can take. Noobs wind up smoking the whole bowl and coughing out a lung for an hour, then melting into the couch.

Overall this bong is awesome. Resin builds up kinda fast but that's true with any bong unless you clean it all the time. That's really the only downside.

On the flip side of things, here a video of some friends of mine tearing up a local mountain!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New board pics!

The bottom of the Bhangra. Sorry for bad pic quality. My phone's camera sucks :(
I threw the mflb on top with a lighter to show how small it is and how big this board is.

Hears a pic of the top compared to another board I have. As you can see the board is long. but the wheelbase isn't actually that big. The grip is awesome!

Here's me on the deck to show how much flex it has. I'm 170 and have a flex 2.

That's all for now! I'll try to get some action shots the next time I'm out boarding.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Loaded Bhangra and a new vape!

Loaded's new board "The Bhangra" is a beast! Upon first opening the box my first impression was that it was heavy. I've never really ridden boards longer than 40 inches before and didn't even think of the obvious fact that with more length comes more weight. Oh well. The only thing this affects is carrying it around campus, which is why its not my campus cruiser!

My current setup is the one recommended by Loaded, which is with 180 paris trucks and yellow stims. I haven't changed a thing about it, even the stock bushings! Straight out of the box this thing ripped. Stand up slides were a little more difficult than usual but the yellow stims still make 180s a breeze. I have the flex 2 and weigh 170. The flex 2 is very comfy. I'd be a little worried at anything 30+ mph but anything less is a blast. The kicktails really bring this board to life! Manuals, shove-its, and g-turns are easy once your dialed them in. The added length also makes any sort of dancing pretty easy, but obviously it's not a full size dancing board.

If it wasn't for the price I would recommend this board for anything but downhill. Free riding is possible but a little scarier at speed. The board is really comfortably to ride on and thanks to the rocker my feet are always locked in. The grip design is pretty bad ass too!

On another note I recently purchased a magic flight launch box vape. At first I thought it sucked because I wasn't getting high, then I realized I was hitting it to hard and watched some how to vids. For such a small vape this thing works very well. The batteries don't last long though, so if you're looking to cheif mad bowls away from a power source then this vape isn't for you. After a shitty night of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong (without just looking it up of course) I was determined to make my investment work. Equipped with two freshly charged and still slightly warm batteries, a fat sack of some dank chronic, and my mflb, I went to work on grinding up some bud. A video I watched showed that a slower hit procured a much better rip. Needless to say that this worked. I vaped an entire trench (bowl of the mflb), loaded another, and immediately vaped that too. Next thing I know I'm hurpin and derpin to no end. I LOVE MY MFLB!